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Tree Felling Edenvale

Tree Felling Edenvale is now easier, safer and more accessible than ever.While our specialist Tree Surgeons are experts in Tree and Stump removal, they are also highly skilled at tree removals, trimming and maintenance.

Fourways Tree Fellings are your one-stop-shop for all Tree Felling works in Edenvale.

Our tree fellers are local, qualified and friendly professionals. Whether you need a specialist to cut down a tree, our team are ready to help!

What We Can Do

Tree Removal Edenvale

Preservation and maintenance of trees is always a priority for us, however in certain circumstances a complete removal is necessary. Sick, damaged or obstructive trees can be a financial burden and in some cases a serious public hazard. Trees that are too close to houses, walls or paths can begin to encroach on the structural integrity of the construction through their root systems. These issues often manifest through cracks, but can quickly lead to much greater problems. Trees that are sick, often through disease, can decline rapidly in health and begin to drop limbs and eventually fall entirely.

Damaged trees, often from storms, can become dangerous very quickly. The right combination of precipitation and wind can cause any healthy tree to become a risk of falling. In these circumstances you should contact us immediately so we can begin the process of removing the hazardous or problem tree.For all tree removals Edenvale we provide a full cleanup service after to ensure your property is left clean and safe.

Tree Pruning Edenvale

We often get asked by clients with fallen branches or unsafe trees, “how could I have prevented this?” – the answer is almost always, regular pruning. Pruning is a vital part of maintaining a healthy tree. Ensuring routine pruning should be high on the to-do list for every property owner. Overweight branches, imbalanced trees, excessive fallen foliage and blocked gutters are all common problems resulting from a lack of regular trimming and maintenance. When left unkept, trees can exacerbate many common property issues and cause an even greater financial burden. In extreme cases, failure to prune mature trees can create hazardous, even lethal branches with a propensity to fall. Here in Edenvale we love to preserve our trees, that’s why we will go to any length to help you maintain your trees so they can keep providing you with shade, fresh air and beauty.

Stump Grinding Edenvale

Stump grinding is a specialty of our Edenvale crew. Often overlooked on properties, stumps can cause a range of issues for property owners. Amateur tree-cutters will often leave the roots and stump either above or below the surface, thinking the job is done. These stumps can develop rot over time and cause other problems for your home; from termites and cracked pavement, to renovation nightmares and safety risks. Our top-end Limited Access Stump Grinder means we can get to the places that others can’t. Narrow access properties, difficult locations and complex jobs are no problem for our team. We ensure the stump and roots are removed while the hole is filled with mulch to leave your property aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Woodchipping Edenvale

From the treeworks we carry out around Edenvale area, we have a constant fresh supply of the highest quality, local garden mulch and woodchips. We reprocess untreated local timber to provide you with fresh woodchips for your garden, free of toxic wood treatments and chemicals. You’ll be amazed by the benefits fresh organic mulch can have for your garden. Mulching can support your garden’s growth and health through the supply of fresh nutrients, the conservation of the soil’s moisture and the protection against varied weather conditions.  By purchasing fresh woodchips from work carried out around your locality you ensure your garden is provided with the right regional nutrients for your plants and soil. Join the list of businesses, schools, and expert gardeners that purchase our fresh woodchips and see the difference in your garden!

Who We Are


Here in Edenvale Fourways Tree Felling we maintain the highest level of qualifications and training for all of our arborists and staff. Our arborists are fully certified and our whole team are kept up to date with industry standards for training and qualifications.

Insured Tree Felling Company Edenvale

Choosing us for your next tree works means enjoying the benefits of a risk-free service. We know that oversized trees and branches can cause residents and property owners serious stress and anxiety. Once you have enlisted us to help with your next Tree Felling work, you can leave your worries behind. Fourways Tree Felling we are insured by Outsurance to protect your property from any damages. Once work has begun on your property, we are liable for the very unlikely chance of any accidents or damages occurring.

Our insurance policy can help you rest assured your property is covered, but it’s our 100% safety record that should make you confident you’ve come to the right place. Never in our years of servicing Edenvale community has a public liability insurance claim been made.

Our Values


Safety is the number one priority for all the work we carry out around Edenvale. To ensure the safety of all clients, pedestrians and staff we conduct onsite hazard inspections to identify all potential risks around the tree and the property. We assess the health and condition of all trees prior to climbing, and if the condition is assessed to be too poor to climb, we use other strategies For roadside work we alert traffic with all necessary signs and cones, and redirect road and pedestrian traffic to prevent anyone from accidentally entering a work zone.


From our training and equipment, to our customer service and onsite work, we always strive for the highest possible quality. We don’t believe in cutting corners at any step in the process because the product and service that we deliver to our customers is a reflection of our business as a whole. This is why our team will always show up to your property on time, in uniform and ready to help improve your property. As such, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the work we provide because we go the extra mile to deliver you a premium Tree Felling Edenvale experience.


Part of providing a quality experience is our response time; we don’t like to make you wait around for us to call back. Our response time to requests is second to none, plus our online quote and booking system means that no matter when you find the time to organise your next tree work, you can begin the process immediately. With the proper permits acquired, trees can be removed within a few weeks of a quote. For stump grinding it’s even quicker – if not a couple of days, within a week of the initial quote!

Environmentally Conscious

As a Tree Felling Edenvale we love the environment. Our work is always aligned with the community’s and we will always prioritise preservation and restoration over removal. Where removals are necessary, we do so with the least harm to the ecosystem, allowing for new saplings to be planted in their place. Pruning, removal of limbs and removal of hazardous trees are an essential part of a healthy and safe community and we will always strive to preserve Edenvale’s beautiful natural environment.

Tree Felling Edenvale
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