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Tree Felling Randburg

At Tree Felling Randburg, we know it’s all about the trust factor. It’s true that anyone can saw off tree branches, but there’s only one way to do it right hiring a professional arborist to maximize the health of your trees. In fact, our tree fellers are extremely qualified tree care professionals for Randburg with more than 20 years of tree felling experience. Each of our professionals works hard to maintain and enhance the beauty, health and integrity of the trees that live on your property in Randburg. We are, of course, a fully insured company for your protection.Tree Removal Randburg

Commercial Tree Pruning Randburg

Tree pruning and tree shaping will affect the health, strength and growth of your trees. Performing this properly is an art to be mastered. It takes training to know a tree’s physiology and growth patterns. That knowledge is utilized to develop the foresight to better understand how a tree will be shaped following a pruning session. Unfortunately, many competitors just start chopping off far too much, not enough and at the wrong time of the year.

For our tree fellers at Tree Felling Randburg this is never a guessing game but a planned process. We will always maintain a tree’s structural integrity while managing your commercial pruning and shaping services.

Tree Trimming Randburg

You are hiring a professional commercial tree care service when you select Fourways Tree Felling. Our team is trained in commercial tree pruning and shaping techniques to promote the health and well-being of your trees. Properly pruned trees will flourish, resist disease and provide years of enjoyment. Our arborists and tree experts will tackle your commercial pruning and shaping tasks with precision. You can rest assured that your trees will retain their shape and structural health while they add to the value of your property.

Pruning and shaping a tree is strategic. It needs to be timed to accommodate the species of the tree. At Fourways Tree Felling, we prune spring flowering trees after their blooming cycle is over. This is usually in the mid-summer months. Summer flowering trees get pruned in the winter and spring. If a tree bears fruit, pruning will boost flower production and subsequently promote fruit yield. Some of the techniques we use at Tree Felling Randburg include crown thinning, crown raising and crown reduction. If pruned improperly, growth can be stunted, disease can set in and you could lose the tree.

Stump Removal Randburg

An important part of tree care is recognizing a declining tree’s health. A dying tree may pose safety and/or structural damage if not caught early enough. Fourways Tree Felling provides small and large tree removal in Randburg with every bit of care considered to your property and the safety of our tree care workers.

Stump grinding is simply the most effective way to get rid of your unwanted stumps and roots. Our stump grinding machines will grind stumps of any size that are 8-10 inches below the ground with ease.

Tree Felling Experts in Randburg

It’s easy to get started with expert tree care for your home or business in Randburg and throughout Greater Gauteng Just call our friendly team at Fourways Tree Felling. You will receive a free, no-obligation tree inspection, consultation and estimate. Now there’s no excuse to begin your tree felling project.

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